• nEXT Pharmacy

    Streamline your workflow and boost efficiency with our fully integrated, Practice Management and Billing Soulution with nEXT Pharmacy System. Utilize technology that adapts to your practice, not the other way around. Almost every aspect of our software is 100% customizable and tailor-fit to your precise specifications.

    Key Features

    • Monitor your inventory flow
    • Get alerts for expiry or near expiry items
    • Monitor Narcotics sales
    • Maintain Supplier database and delivery history
    • Add unlimited users with role-based access policies


    • Counter and Store management
    • Inventory Mangement
    • Supplier Management
    • Purchase and returns
    • Issues and returns
    • Item Disposal
    • Sales, Sales Return and Credit Management
    • Reporting and Analytics with Dashboard view


    • Patient Demographics, Consultant information, Disease History, Sponsorship Details and others
    • Fully computerized POS with Inland Revenue Department compatible invoicing, returns, print outs as well as relevant revenue reporting templates
    • Pharmacy Store software with features for Purchase Orders, Debit/Credit Notes, Requisition raise and fulfillment as well as Stock Book Reports and many other useful reports
    • Add new Schemes for new patient privileges and configure discount packages for such associations. Print Member Cards on-the-go from the software
    • Based on your organization policy, Batch-wise stock management can be pursued for either First-In-First-Out or Last-In-First-Out policy
    • Mandatory Prescription policy for sale of Narcotics Drugs
    • Disposal Features for waste/damaged items

      Pricing Schemes